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About Us

Madina Security Sdn Bhd

A wholly owned Bumiputra company registered under the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia) and established since 2012. The establishment of our corporate entity is well accepted and recognized by the Security Services Association of Malaysia (Persatuan Perkhidmatan Kawalan Keselamatan Malaysia / PPKKM) as a member.The era of security has diversified itself tremendously during the past two decades, with this thought in mind, Madina Security is very honored to present its company profile. 

Although the company appellation not too long ago in the security market, the list of its clienteles and years of experience and knowledge of security systems (software and hardware) of both of its founders has managed to prove that it is quality not quality that creates a successful firm. 

Equipped with knowledge of the latest technology and hands-on or rather on-site experience, Madina Security has successfully managed projects of any scale or size. 

Madina Security Sdn. Bhd. has now ventured into higher ground by securing the trust and confidence of Centralize Monitoring Station, a renowned and financially strong security guard company with an authorized capital of 5 million ringgit, for financial and guard services backup. Madina Security have now, not only the capabilities but also the support of Integrated Security System to stamp its name in the security system market. 

Our Objectives

We pride ourselves in providing solutions that meet the business markets’ and customers’ current needs, often anticipating the escalating demands of the increasingly globalised business arena and analyzing the clients’ end-user dynamics.

Recognising that market leadership is not a legacy but a state of development in continuum, Madina Security strives to reinvent itself as a strategic goal in constantly setting higher benchmarks for itself and the industry.

Madina Security is committed to delivering our best to our partners and clients in terms the best-of-class service, products and communal environment to be able to mutually attain and exceed our collected goals and aspirations.

Vision and Mission

Madina Security intends to be the leading security solutions provider in Malaysia. Through the quality of work and the business professionalism of our highly qualified and well-trained workforce, we aim to provide the best possible value to our clients who care about the quality, reliability, and efficiency of their business operations. We want every dollar spent on our solutions to be of great value to our clients’ business operations.

To achieve this vision, our mission will revolve along the following guiding principles:

• Ensuring a qualified and well-trained professional workforce through continuous employee training and development programs.

• Fully committing to the business growth and development of our clients by offering excellent customer service and support to ensure we are known as the most customer focused vendor.

• Implementing and achieving the high benchmarks set for our solutions’ quality, reliability, and efficiency.

• Instilling a culture of continuous improvement to uphold the standards of customer satisfaction by maintaining locally and internationally recognized accreditation.

Our Strength

  • Our commitment to provide excellent services and to create and maintain a safe and secure working environment for our clients.

  • Our capability and dedication to provide a varied range and increasingly enhanced security solutions to meet the changing and growing needs of our clients.

  • The combined unique knowledge, skills and experiences of our highly competent management team and our security personnel.

  • Our professional, experienced, highly skilled, carefully vetted, and bi-lingual security personnel.

  • Our uncompromising compliance with all industry regulations, and tight screening and vetting procedures for our personnel.

  • Our capability and commitment to consistently provide high quality, competent, reliable and professional security services to all our clients.

The Workforce

a. Experienced

Our strongest asset is our security force, some of whom have over 20 years of experience. We view experience as an important criteria during recruitment.  Many of our security staff are former senior police and military officers. They comprise 90% of our supervisors. The rest of our staff, the majority of whom are Malaysians, include Nepali guards.

b. Vetted Uncompromisingly

Our clients will rest secure, we do not compromise in complying very strictly with all the industry standard regulations regarding the employment of security staff. Vetting by the Police Department is done immediately after the first interview.

c. Professional and well trained

We provide basic and advanced training to ensure our guards are :

    • very professional and proactive

    • well skilled in their duties and responsibilities

    • able to act firmly and effectively in response  to all possible emergencies and  situations

    • bilingual in Bahasa Malaysia and English

    • able to write basic reports to clients.

In addition, our training emphasises the projection of the individual positiveness and professional image, and communication skills.

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