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Types of Services

We provide continually enhanced customised security solutions to meet the varied and fast changing needs of our clients. These include :

1. Security Officer

We provide a wide security services with good, efficient and trustworthy manpower support with well selected and well trained officers to react effectively to all security requirements. 

    • Unarmed Guard                     • Elite Guard                               

    • Executive Guard                    • Armed Guard                 

    • Armed Escort Guard              • Nepalese Guard             

    • Bodyguard                             • Emergency Response Team (ERT)

2. Integrated Security System

Monitoring, communication and patrolling of your facilities are seamlessly aided by technology. We actively seek out new solutions to enhance our clients’ security programs and evaluate our partners to ensure they continue to provide industry-leading solutions. Some of the technology solutions available at Madina Security include:

• Guard Tour System      • CCTV/Video surveillance          

• IT Security                    • Central Monitoring System

3. Mobile Service Patrol

We offer patrolling services to clients of residential areas or business environments with 24-7 tight security patrol and enforcement. Our security patrol services are available for any temporary or full time patrol coverage for your neighbourhood areas and also at any business or commercial buildings. 

Active Network Security Services will be able to customize our patrolling services based on your needs of wanting a secure surrounding for your area, 24-7 mobile patrol, parking handling and enforcement services, theft or burglary prevention, and any other safety issues.

Our committed and professional security patrol services will fully utilize the patrol routine by responding to any emergency situation, conducts safety and fire watch during holiday season, random daytime and nighttime patrol service, vehicle inspection, parking enforcement, vacant building inspection and many other services. Our patrolling services are also responsible to write and record every report of the patrol activity in detailed for the clients.

4. Security Consultant

Madina Security offers more than just a consultancy based on pre-established practices for certain industries. We also incorporate practical, real world, and on-the-ground experiences sourced from our network of resources to provide reliable security threat management.

Prior to our engagement, we take account your situation, budget, timeline, and the requested deliverables. Based on our discussions and research, a detailed plan emerges focused on what is essential as well as practical. From there, we outline an assessment plan that will meet your needs.

5. Cloaking Device

Click Patrolling Management System Special Features :

▪ Using latest integrated chip.

▪ Super-large storage memory up to 30,000 data of attendance records.

▪ No distance limit within computer & attendance clock.

▪ No wiring or cabling required – stand alone. 

▪ Compact, light in weight, portable & flexible

▪ Waterproof & dustproof suitable for all environments.

▪ Built in back-up battery.

▪ Dual purpose-patrolling & Touch light.

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